Celestial Eats is out of this world, mouth watering, easy, cost effective food.

As college students we know how expensive it can be to live in the city. With tuition fees and living expenses it can be hard to eat well and not reach for ramen or kraft dinner every night.

So, we are sharing our recipes.



On a personal level Celestial Eats is a collection of roommates who together bring different talents to the household. A game developer, a media artist, an audio engineer, a robotics engineer.

Meet Us:

Rachel. Pro cereal maker. The punny one. Audio engineer.

Harley. The true master chef of the house. Most likely to win Chopped Canada. Media Artist.


Aimée. Pro baker and popcorn maker. Our resident cave dweller. Game Dev

Nav. Pro burger flipper and cook. The wizard. Robotics engineer.