Glazed Pork Chops Dinner

Hey guys! Sorry that it’s been a while. Both Rachel and I haven’t really been in the kitchen much lately. We like to blame it on the lack of ingredients for good meals. Anyway, tonight I made glazed pork chops. I got this recipe off a Facebook page called Tasty. I didn’t follow the recipe […]

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Easy Breakfast Sandwich

I’ve noticed that we don’t have a lot of breakfast items on here so I decided to post this simple breakfast sandwich recipe.

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Harley’s Magical Chicken Soup

So I guess this is the week where everyone in my house decided that it would be a good time to get sick. And by sick I mean really sick, at least some of us. Rachel has the full on flu with a fever, I have a sore throat/runny nose/headaches and overheat and Aimèe has had a sore throat. The only person not sick is Nav.

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BBQ Burgers

I have been meaning to post about these burgers for a couple weeks now. I have been busy with school and have been slacking on this blog compared to Harley! These burgers were absolutely delicious to have on a warm summer night and I’m excited to share it with you guys. The recipe itself is […]

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Cream Sauce with Dill

Cream sauce with dill is the one vaguely dinner-like meal I can make (I’m more of a breakfast and dessert person). Luckily it’s pretty versatile: it’s great on pierogis, potatoes, or pasta. I personally love it on sun dried tomato spaghetti.

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$50 Shopping Haul

So this post is a little different than all the others. I am going to be talking about grocery shopping and how to do it on a budget. As a college student it can be hard to  buy a lot of good food. Trying not to stereotype but, a lot of us tend to go […]

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